About me


Creative, self-motivated, and hardworking artist with experience in many technical art mediums and programs, as well as professional work experience. Possesses spatial intelligence, refined communication skills, experience in team building, leadership management, and creative problem solving

I will be pursuing a Masters in Architecture at the University of Notre Dame in Summer 2021. 


B.A. VISUAL ARTS | Studio Art & Graphic Design Double Track Theology minor | Holy Cross College Notre Dame, IN 


Exhibitions, Galleries, Installations


Solo Piece, Our Lady of Sorrows • President’s Office Gallery   |Holy Cross College | November 2020-present

Shelter in Place Student Exhibition, Church of the Transfiguration • St. Joseph Gallery | Holy Cross College | August 2020-present

Solo Piece, Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary • Holy Cross Gallery | Holy Cross College | March 2020-present

Solo Piece, Flower Still Life • President’s Office Gallery | Holy Cross College | August 2018-present

HCC Student Juried Exhibition, Our Lady of Sorrows • St. Joseph Gallery | Holy Cross College | January 2020-March 2020

Solo Piece, Great Blue Heron • Holy Cross Gallery                    Holy Cross College | August 2019-December 2020

Student Group Sculpture Installation, It’s a Hard Knock Life • Vincent Atrium | Holy Cross College | December 2018-March 2019

HCC Senior Exhibition, Duomo Di Firenze • St. Joseph Gallery | Holy Cross College | April 2021-May 2021 

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